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Log Lines

Cedi is the sole screenwriter for each project; scripts and synopses are available upon request.

Inquiries welcomed at or (323) 553 - 1329.

Into the Fire

Genre: Action / Thriller

An ex-gangster battles an organized crime ring and a corrupt corporate empire to rescue a kidnapped child.

Hunter / Prey

Genre: Action / Thriller

A reclusive former mercenary must assemble his old team when they're hunted by the crime lord they once served.

Ties that Blind

Genre: Mystery

When a snarky PI tries to solve a well-executed robbery, she's drawn into a deadly conspiracy tied to her past.



Vice & Virtue

Genre: Comedy

The embodiment of Virtue comes to Earth and finds his opposite, Vice, masquerading as a mob boss; their ensuing power struggle produces chaos and comedy in a crime ring now anything but organized.

Echoes in the Mirror

Genre: Drama

A meek housewife struggles with her husband's infidelity, sexual repression, and visions of herself as a female pimp.

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